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If you are in the Brodcast arena, you will know how important responsive technical expertise is when you are developing broadcast networks...

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In just a matter of hours, find out if what was installed then, is fit for now. Let us review your network configuration and your security policy, especially with diverse access points from home and in the office.
Let us analyse one of your network device logs and provide a summary of what we see. With advice on optimisation, cost savings and future-proofing your network, you’ll be set up to boost your business and make the most of hybrid working.

Network Performance Delivered

There are two approaches that you can use to enhance networks & systems. Both will allow you to improve performance, maximise uptime, to detect, understand and resolve issues around poor performance, technical conflicts and failures. Choosing the right approach will be crucial to finding the most cost effective solution. This is something only you can do, however our Network Consultants in London can help to ensure you understand all the alternatives.

  • Use a Change Programme to effect strategic change in your environment. This is best applied when you know what challenges you are facing.
  • Use a Managed Network Performance Service (see below) to provide a tactical solution that removes issues in your network systems and will maintain ongoing high performance into the future.

Change programmes can be used to bring in great changes, but often, the key to making your system perform the way you want is not about making radical changes. Very often a carefully crafted programme of work can design and implement a number of small changes and improve operation and performnce dramatically.
Enterprise Design
Creating a new enterprise network design is an opportunity to build a network system that meets your individual needs and will create competitive advantage. This future paced solution will liberate you from your technology so you can deliver what you do best. (Enterprise Design Case Study)
Consolidation and Decommissioning
Sometimes making the most of your system performance will require a more in depth change. Change programmes will often improve technical function, improve cost efficiency and reduce down time and failure rates within the system.
You may need to understand what your systems and networks are currently doing and how they may be adapted through a change programme. you can use our Managed Network Performance Service as a precursor to a Change Programme.
You may already have a change programme in place, or you may be trying to understand the best approach to effect change. If you are looking for a friendly, thorough and well organised technical team who can help you safely navigate these steps, Layer3 will take on the challenge of making your system fit for purpose always.
The following Case Studies are examples of the kind of programmes of work customers ask us to carry out. Regardless of what changes you are considering, Layer3 Systems can bring a knowledgeable and thorough approach to your project.
In some cases projects are not always so clearly defined, so if you don't see what you are looking for please contact us for a brief discussion. For over 25 years our customers have always found what they needed just when they needed it with Layer3 Systems.

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Managed Network Performance Service

How do you know your network is operating the way you intend? how do you ensure that the performance and operation you expect doesn't suddenly degrade or collapse?

Very often, the key to maintaining your system performance is in understanding what is happening within the network. This you might reasonably expect to be achieved by monitoring, this works well for well known types of failure such as a network device failing, however most companies are unaware of more subtle failures that can emerge in a network until after they have caused an issue. Sudden and unexpected increase in load, protocol problems, device incompatibility and complex network/system behavioural problems can intermittently ruin your day.

Usually your IT or networking department will be busy dealing with day to day tasks and not able to spend more than a few hours looking in detail at the problem. They may have deadlines on other work that can't slip and in many cases the uniqueness of the problem may leave them wondering how to tackle the problem.

This is where Layer3's Managed Network Performance Service comes in. It is designed to work with your network team and will provide an extra level of certainty about what your network and systems are doing.

At the point where a potential problem is beginning to come to the surface, you will already have forewarning of the problem and our expertise to hand.  Layer3 can then work collaboratively with your staff to remedy the situation and ensure that your network and systems are fit for purpose always.
Layer3's Managed Network Performance Service provides an affordable, continuous means to keep your networks and systems working efficiently and reliably, it removes doubt and uncertainty and helps maintain the best possible uptime by identifying problems early and applying permanent fixes fast.

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The challenges of building scalable, reliable, high performance networks and systems can produce a heavy burden. Providing the right assistance and knowledge will allow you to achieve the best solution in the shortest time. This can be achieved with a variety of change programmes or with a custom solution designed specifically for your needs.
Implementing the best future paced solution, with the right functionality, in a timely, professional manner, at a reasonable cost requires knowledge and experience. Using a standard process will give your business the competitive advantage that you need and the freedom to concentrate on your business deliverables.
Tactics & Deliverables
To successfully design, manage and implement change in small or large environments, you need the right team. One that can offer great attention to detail and has the ability to remove doubt and install confidence to make your systems fit for purpose always. You also need the right tactics and tools to make changes simple and functional

Creating Innovative Solutions

FTP Poller
The FTP Poller is an automated system that manages the movement of files using FTP (or SFTP, FTPS).

CustardWare is a framework technology that allows us to tie together modular components that can examine configuration and operational metrics from networks and/or systems.