There has never been a better time to setup your network for hybrid networking!

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If you would like full confidence that your network can deliver what you do best, then now is a good time to call. Book in a FREE Network Audit from the Layer3 Systems team.
In just a matter of hours, find out if what was installed then, is fit for now. Let us review your network configuration and your security policy, especially with diverse access points from home and in the office.
Let us analyse one of your network device logs and provide a summary of what we see. With advice on optimisation, cost savings and future-proofing your network, you’ll be set up to boost your business and make the most of hybrid working.
The challenges of building scalable, reliable, high performance networks and systems can produce a heavy burden. Providing the right assistance and knowledge will allow you to achieve the best solution in the shortest time.
Implementing the best future paced solution, with the right functionality, in a timely, professional manner, at a reasonable cost. That gives your business the competitive advantage that you need and the freedom to concentrate on your deliverables.
To successfully design manage and implement change in small or large environments, you need the right team. One taht can offer the attention to detail and has the ability to remove doubt and install confidence to make your systems fit for purpose always.

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Very often the difference between a first class network and a poor one is down to simple small incremental improvements. We can show you how to achieve the most from your networks and systems.
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Creating Innovative Solutions

FTP Poller
The FTP Poller is an automated system that manages the movement of files using FTP (or SFTP, FTPS).

CustardWare is a framework technology that allows us to tie together modular components that can examine configuration and operational metrics from networks and/or systems.