Hybrid Working

Through the course of the pandemic over the last two years we have all needed to adjust to the new way of working from home or now working in a hybrid way. This gives us a pattern of some days spent at home and others going into the office for the things that are best achieved face to face.

We see that many companies have simply adapted to the new way of working, maintaining their work flow and adapting their systems and networks to support hybrid working.

Many are excited at the opportunity that hybrid working can bring and are striving to make the best of everything around them and to do it in a way that makes a real difference to others.

The. changes made to systems and networks may have required some hard work, slightly eased by making full use of free collaboration tools to fill in gaps.

Inevitably this leads to everyone implementing things in a way different from the status quo and comes with all sorts of challenges for which some are ready and others are not.

These changes will occasionally produce unexpected side effects and these may produce weaknesses or faults that weill not easily come to light. Whilst most systems and networks are designed to be accessed from on site, many will support remote working. However this change in approach shoould be considered and checking the impact of this change around security and performance is a good idea.

If you would like full confidence that your network can safely support hybrid working and can enable you to deliver what you do best, then now is a good time to call. 

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