Discovery Networks Europe - Citrix Development

Project Requirements

DNE has developed a number of internal applications that needed to be accessible by its internal and European staff and by a number of their world-wide staff. This needed to be secure and scalable whilst being simple to deploy on a global scale. 

The Solution
Layer3 introduced a Citrix solution to be used via a web server to provide worldwide secure access to internal applications. We could show that performance would satisfy requirements even for dial up users and that it would simplify administration thereby reducing costs. We developed a customised module to provide the system with the ability to handle Network Address Translation and support load balancing through destination NAT'ing firewalls. 
• £25000 was saved in reducing the need to deploy, support and maintain a Citrix server for each network.
• £95000 was saved in reducing the number of Microsoft and Citrix licenses required for the project worldwide.

• Reduces costs with a simplified administration for deployed applications 
• Reduces costs by being compatible with any desktop that can support a browser, removing the immediate need to upgrade 
• NAT module removes need to purchase multiple web servers
• Supports dial up user even on slow 96k modems.

Discovery Networks Europe is the European arm of Discovery Communications Inc. Their main focus is producing high quality documentary and educational programs for a wide audience. They work closely with a large number of other broadcasters and depend on their systems and networks to provide close support to both the office environment and also the broadcast chain. 

Project Requirements
The complexity of networking within DNE has grown over the last few years as an increasing number of business partners have required a connection into the DNE network. All of these links have required extra firewall functionality and some of these have been implemented with low cost application level gateways. This growing level of network and systems complexity needed to be consolidated into a world class design, reducing single point failure risk and simplifying support across multiple time zones. The requirement was to address the above issues and where possible to simplify the overall design without compromising security or reliability, increasing robustness where possible. 

The Solution
Layer3 documented the current configuration of all European inter-network devices and brought this together into a single document to summarise operation. The configuration was analysed to identify the need for and types of security present in the overall design. This was then translated into a generic design that could be modified to provide a solution for all European centres. A design was then developed for each of the European centres and extended to cover requirements for the rest of the world. 

• £350000 saving in network links, support and maintenance.
• Great simplification and standardisation of design
• Cost saving design can be fully managed globally 24x7
• Scalable and consistent approach
• Fully secured and can be made robust according to requirement
• Reduces dependency on main office
• Low bandwidth network usage.