Corporate Brief

Layer3 Systems was formed in 1995 to develop computer systems in large scale networked environments. Usually in highly demanding, high performance business areas such as broadcast, scientific, telecommunications and banking.

We have worked for a variety of companies usually in mission or broadcast critical roles. These companies trust us to produce innovative, timely and cost-effective solutions.
Systems Architecture Design(Unix and Windows)
Systems Architecture Design
(Unix and Windows)
Network design, support and upgrade(LAN's WAN's and VPN's. Firewalls and Application Gateways)
Network design, support and upgrade
(LAN's WAN's and VPN's. Firewalls and Application Gateways)
Security Evaluation
Security Evaluation
Project Management
Project Management
Software design and developmentC++, Java, PHP, Perl, J2EE, CGI
Software design and development
C++, Java, PHP, Perl, J2EE, CGI
Desktop design and rollout(Citrix, Nfuse, SQLSvr)
Desktop design and rollout
(Citrix, Nfuse, SQLSvr)
RDBMS design(Oracle/Informix/MYSQL)
RDBMS design
Unix (Sun/HP/IBM/Linux)configuration and management
Unix (Sun/HP/IBM/Linux)
configuration and management
Website Development
Website Development

From time to time we have helped companies start up and turn into sizeable enterprises. We can work effectively as part of a team, to provide the knowledge and skills to work collaboratively with partner companies.

Please contact us if you would like more information, an informal meeting or discussion on any of the products, services or technical assistance that we might be able to offer you.