Innovative Solutions

Interactive Television
Design and development of a low cost Digital Video Transport Stream Monitor, producing the benefits of equipment costing ten times as much.

Operating System Scaling
Development of a number of carefully cut down versions of existing operating systems, optimized to support the core function of the application and minimised for smallest foot print.

Database Resilience
Sometimes a database can become mission critical, while its original design may not have allowed for this. We have developed a number of techniques which allow for fast replication and recovery in the event of failure, usually with little or no change to the existing code or database.

Data Distribution
With long experience of data and databases we have built a number of systems which provide management, storage, translation and transfer of data for various customers. We have developed a simplified interface which is ideal for ease of use and minimum training.

Our knowledge extends beyond software and allows us to produce innovative and elegant solutions for interfacing or connecting a variety of equipment and hardware into computers and directly onto networks. Some of these developments are now available as products

FTP Poller
The FTP Poller is an automated system that manages the movement of files using FTP (or SFTP, FTPS). Typically it allows a user to drop a file into a directory on their network, the file is then automatically moved to a remote file server so that it is accessible to another user. Without either user needing to take any special action.

CustardWare is a framework technology that allows us to tie together modular components that can examine configuration and operational metrics from networks and/or systems. In simple terms it uses SNMP (amongst other protocols) to gather information on the configuration and operation of network devices and systems.       

IP Video Router
The IP Video Router provides a powerful and flexible solution allowing multiple contributors (suppliers of content) to provide video streams to a subscriber (consumer of content). This is easily implemented as a physical device inside the subscribers network, or as a private or public cloud solution.