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Small Beginnings

Those of you who know Layer3 Systems ( will be familiar with our skills and knowledge around systems and networking. As we come out of the last two years of Covid measures, we see that things have changed

All this working from home is great.

Except in one small detail.

We don't know where to find our customers; they are quite often not in the office and only contactable via email or on their mobile.

This makes it difficult for us to initiate contact and to get people together to share our experience and detailed knowledge.

So we are trying to reach people by the use of Social Media; we will now be posting on Linked-In and Twitter in the short term and expanding to Facebook very soon now, where we will be posting helpful ideas and suggestions on how to handle aspects of systems and networking.

For those who don't know us already, over the years we've worked on IT projects of all sizes, from large multi-year projects with major companies to designing and running websites for small organisations and charities

We are keen to find new and more exciting challenges, these are the kind of problems and failures that you experience in your IT systems - we want to liberate you from your technology so you can focus on your core business.

The people running this blog will generally be:

  • Me, Phil Packer @PheedbackPhil - spent many years in Broadcast for the BBC then as a network specialist and IT director of Layer3 Systems
  • Viv Gregory - systems and networking consultant since the dawn of time and a director of Layer3 Systems since the start.
  • Ted Rule - network systems specialist, protocol tamer and director of Layer3 Systems (and another ex BBC person).
  • Paul Sweetland - network systems specialist, with knowledge of all things SNMP, and command and control systems (and yet another ex BBC person!)

What might we be blogging about? Well, naturally we will talk about the techniques and approaches we use to solving problems and designing solutions, there are many ideas that we take for granted, but that may be unknown to you.

More personally, I'd like to talk about some of the things I've learnt designing, building and accepting networks for broadcasters which you may find interesting.

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