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We Know What's Wrong With Your Network

Layer3 Systems has worked with networks, systems and databases for over 25 years. There is still something new to learn each day and as our customers make technical advances, we sometimes see that this leads to unexpected operation, underperformance or even failures in the network.

Our experience gives us a good idea of where to look when expected performance or functionality has not been achieved. We know how to find the issues that can hold network or system performance back, we are usually able to mitigate or remove blockers that limit performance.

We know that most underperformance boils down to the following issues:

  • Hardware problems
  • Bugs
  • Mis-configurations
  • Protocol issues

Diagnostic Agnostic

In essence finding our way through the forest of these issues on a very large network with thousands of users and possibly hundreds of servers and services is a big challenge. Generally though, the same process applies; carefully understanding what the system is supposed to do, checking what it is not doing and then finding the reasons why it is not working as expected, is the general process. It is the same for every problem, though of course the actual work will look and sometimes be quite different for every situation.

Our Customers Are Similar But Different

Layer3 Systems Ltd has always found an interesting array of customers. They have much in common and yet each is quite often unique. We see that our customers are constantly striving to make the best of everything around them and to do it in a way that makes a real difference to others.

This requires hard work and a determination to get deeper level of understanding than most people seek, allowing them to get the most from their resources and technology.

Our customers often generate interesting advancements, taking what’s good and reconfiguring it to make it better than ever before. Sometimes this takes them closer to the leading edge than you might think and may expose unexpected problems.

Inevitably this leads to something a bit different from the status quo and comes with all sorts of challenges for which some are ready and others are not.

Our customers often discover that the systems and network technology that underpins this approach lets them down. There is something about the silo attitude within the industry that works against the holistic approach that is needed to solve problems. We often see situations where the networking team blames the application software, the application team blames the database system and the database people blame the networks.

The best advice we can offer and the first steps we would apply are:

  • Remove any blame culture or finger pointing that might exist
  • Get everyone who is involved working together to determine the best course of action to locate the root cause of a problem

If You Break It, We Can Help Find All The Pieces

We like to think of ourselves as an organisation that can be relied upon to help drive the way forward. When you get to the point where you need some spare brain power to understand what is and isn't going on you can turn to Layer3 Systems Ltd.

If you have a problem, uncertainties or a lack of performance from your systems or networks, please come and talk to us, we can help!

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