Programmes, Process, Tactics and Deliverables

When you are looking for assistance in creating, developing or enhancing your networks and systems you can rely on Layer3 to provide just the right amount of knowledge and technical expertise to take on the challenge of making your systems fit for purpose so you can confidently deliver what you do best.
our methodology is based around the use of well defined programmes, implemented with an ITIL paradigm of reiterative improvement. This allows us to bring to bear the best tactics and tools to work collaboratively with your internal teams to make change affordable and successful.
You are constantly striving to find the best solutions that will provide you with the right mix of performance and functionality on your networks and in your systems. This often leads to a degree of customisation and specialisation in your environment that gives you a business edge. When you come to make changes you will need a team that can understand your unique environment. You have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and you may already see this as a programme of change that matches one of the headings below. It is also possible that you see what you need to do as being two or more of these programmes or as a unique solution to match your unique environment and requirements.

Whatever your objectives and requirements may be, you will always be able to trust Layer3 to work creatively with you and your company to find the right way to make effective change happen!
The use of continual improvement has long been applied to making changes to networks and systems. It provides a managed approach taht allows the implementation of carefully planned changes to a live system and to ensure that any new functionality achieves its required goals without causing any unwanted or unexpected side effects.

This process can be used either to implement a stand alone body of work, perhaps breaking things down into smaller simpler changes, or the technique can be used longer term to constantly improve how a network system operates.

Using a managed approach means that we can apply various tactics to work out the current state of operation, determine what goals we need to achieve and determine the best path to achieve those goals.

Tactics use tools and processes combined with knowledge and expertise to:
  • measure the current state
  • design and plan changes to achieve the required new state
  • and implement those changes in a managed way

Your IT and Networking departments are busy on a day to day basis supporting your systems and implementing changes and new functionality. How can you be sure that your systems and networking are working as expected and that changes are not impacting services and that there are no emerging problems that are going unobserved?
There is a need for an Advanced Telemetry & Reconnaissance service that compliments your existing monitoring and IT teams and can provide greater certainty about the state of your systems and networks.
You will benefit from having additional confidence in your systems, advanced warning of emerging problems and the option of additional resources when problems arise.
Deep analysis of your architecture, performance, security and sustainability makes predictive estimates of your future performance possible. This can then be used to mitigate future risks and support design changes to future proof your systems. This can also provide a basis for Capacity Planning, Performance  Planning, Advanced Sustainabilty and Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity.

Baseline and Benchmarking
Capturing your operational performance and system profile in terms of your Architecture, Performance, Security and Sustainability.This allows production and delivery of a summary Status Report, this covers the above areas and identifies issues and gives an initial impression of the state of things.

Enhanced Analysis
Interpret what the Baselining and Benchmarking means in terms of Architecture, Performance, Security and Sustainability.
Understand how (new) system requirements can be met.
Understand what performance is being utilised and how more performance may be gained from the system.
Understand your security stance and where there are strengths and weaknesses.
Understand your level of sustainability, how improvements can be made that will reduce costs and help make the world more sustainable.
This process is repeated on a frequent basis and an updated Status Report is produced.

Enhanced System Delivery
Regularly baselining and benchmarking your network will allow you to see where performance is being used or lost. With enhanced analysis you will get a set of deliverables that will enable Layer3 to optimise and enhance your Architecture, Performance, Security and Sustainability.
The key thing about modern networks and systems is that they evolve. As you add more functionality into your network and as your networked systems become more sophisticated, this increases complexity in your overall system. A Managed Network Performance Service can provide a number of very powerful deliverables that will give you a technical and business edge.

Regular Reporting
Providing a regular snapshot on what is happeniing within your network and systems will give you the ability to look ahead and to determine how changes are improving the system or to manage potential issues before they become a problem.

Technical Analysis
In gaining a better understanding of your network and systems, technical analysis can be vital in gaining insights into how performance can be improved and how problems may be eradicated. If you need to get assistance from a supplier in optimising performance, having a clear written appraisal of the situation will allow you to engage them more easily and enable them to be more effective. When a problem emerges having a good description of the issue and some example cases will make gaining a solution easier. It will also generally allow your network or systems team to work around the problem, this maintains uptime and preserves the technical integrity of your of your systems.

Your technical teams will know your systems and networks very well, but when an unusual situation arises they may not have the 'broad experience of many networks' that Layer3 Systems has. Extensive experience and knowledge from Layer3 Systems can be transferred to your staff. Allowing them to grow and improve performance in a way that will ensure your systems are fit for purpose always. 

Demystifying technology and providing an explanation everyone understands can most easily be achieved with a diagram. Helping you to maintain up-to-date visual descriptions of your systems can take the load of your internal staff and provide additional tools for management.

Having good documentation that explains how and why your network and systems work is vital for long term stability. Having this provided by external experts can decrease the risk of losing staff and their knowledge, as in the face of pandemics or simply by staff moving on.

Training & Coaching
Keeping abreast of changes within your networks and systems, understanding new technology as it is rolled out and being able to support your evolving systems needs to be considered. Layer3 Systems can provide just the right amount of assistance with a mixture of onsite, online and computer based training.
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