Managed Network Performance Service

We are always impressed by the way existing clients and the ideal prospects are able to create and manage very powerful networking and systems solutions. We see that their systems and networks underpin their ability to get into their flow and work reliably and continuously.

The level of operation our clients require is usually to a very high, consistent, standard. This is achieved with a combination of careful design, detailed planning and usually some very hard work.

They are constantly working to create the best solution they can that produces great results. They strive to make the best of everything around them and to do it in a way that makes a real difference to others.

This often requires a deeper level of understanding than most people seek. This allows them to create a better future based on proven strategies, resource and technology. They want to produce tangible advances, taking what’s good and reconfiguring it to make it better than ever before.

Inevitably this leads to something a bit different from the status quo and comes with all sorts of challenges for which some are ready and others are not.


With due diligence these challenges can usually be identified early on, but occasionally something unexpected can come to light. Sometimes this can be seen in the network technology that underpins this approach. We see something of a silo attitude within the industry, when what we really want, is to enjoy a holistic approach that covers so much more, both for the now and into the future.

Implementing a Managed Network Performance Service on your network allows you to look ahead and to start to sense the interconnected behaviour of your systems and networks. This allows you maximise uptime by identifying problems and applying permanent fixes or temporary workarounds.

For a small monthly set fee, Layer3 will implement a Managed Network Performance Service and provide a future paced solution to make your systems fit for purpose always!

This works in conjunction with your existing support team and alongside your existing monitoring to provide another way to remove doubt and install confidence.

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