Broadcast Systems - Delivered

Broadcast customers' requirements will often push technology to its limits. You, as a broadcaster, will recognise the need for 24x7 operation throughout the programme chain. The need for high definition content production  and multi-channel audio place ever greater demands on your networks with vast quantities of data needing to be moved per second and no margin for error. These constraints, along with the need for super-precise timing of packets, make it vital for your networks to be well-designed and well-performing
You need a reliable partner to collaborate with in order to meet your broadcast systems requirements; Layer3 Systems can be that partner - working with a thorough and professional approach to broadcast network design and implementation

Studio Centre Networks

Are you designing a studio or studio centre? Our team of experts can provide quality design advice for many aspects including:
  • Network capacity
  • Quality of service planning
  • Network maintainability
  • Network monitoring
  • Timing design (e.g. PTP)
  • Testing
  • Switch configuration design
  • Equipment selection
  • Security and Firewalling
You will want a design partner who are a proven team of experts in such things as AES67, SMPTE2110, Dante and NDI network design and build - Layer3 Systems can assist you in all aspects of broadcast network design and build - why not contact us on 020 3805 7795 or at

Contribution Networks

If you require network design and build for contribution networks, Layer3 Systems have experience with these technologies
  • Zixi Broadcaster
  • IP over satellite
  • Mobile Viewpoint WMT
  • Firewalls and firewall design
  • NDI (Network Digital Interface)
  • SRT (Secure Reliable Transport)
  • RIST (Reliable Internet Secure Transport)
  • vMIX
  • Open Broadcast Systems (OBS)
as well as the network design, build and integration skills that you need to make your network always fit for purpose - why not contact us on 020 3805 7795 or at

Network Diagnostics

You may have issues with your existing broadcast networks - perhaps the occasional glitch in picture or audio? Or perhaps your cues don't always happen on time in your automation?

Layer3 Systems can fix problems fast, using our extensive experience and knowlege - why not contact us on 020 3805 7795 or at
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Layer3 can help with all aspects of Audio/Video IP network design be it with NDI, Dante, Dante AV or any other protocols. Layer3 are vendor neutral so we can work with whichever AV system you have chosen.

Layer3 Systems - your proven team of experts - why not contact us on 020 3805 7795 or at

You may also find you need

Layer3 Systems also have experience in other aspects of networks and systems; including virtualisation, allowing you to do more with less by consolidating functionality, databases of many flavours, office network design and build, firewall design and configuration and many other aspects of tecnology that you may require in order for you to liberate you from your technology and allow you to focus on your deliverables.

Why not contact us on 020 3805 7795 or at to find out how Layer3 Systems can help you


Working on a big project you will often have a group of suppliers perhaps headed by a lead System Integrator. Layer3 Systems are always happy to work as part of such a team in order to deliver a project but we can also provide long term support and advice over the project's operational lifetime - why not contact us on 020 3805 7795 or at