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How will a network audit help?

A free network audit lets an organisation get a clearer picture of their network – and can even help to identify security risks in the process. The insight this offers can be invaluable to the business, letting them change their strategy with this in mind. In this blog post, we examine the main benefits of network audits to show how they boost long-term performance.

Network audits offer more clarity

Companies can always benefit from knowing more about their own operation, as this allows them to make any necessary changes. These audits take the form of a detailed report that elaborates extensively on the network and its current state.

For example, this can flag up issues with key areas of network performance and provide an understanding of how this may affect the business over time.

Network audits improve performance

Our customers find our external professional viewpoint and our ability to work closely with internal staff or other third-party companies is often very helpful. Engaging with our customers so they fully appreciate the potential in their networks, find better performance and to remove issues that may be holding back development. If there are inefficiencies or notable pressure points in your current setup, a network audit is essential for identifying them and understanding what action can be taken.

Network audits improve security

One of the goals of a network audit is to understand your security model and to ensure it’s fit for purpose. This allows a review of potential vulnerabilities in the system. Hackers and various other cyber-criminals could use these to access the company’s sensitive data – so a network audit will often identify ways to improve your security model.

Free network audit

A network audit provides many benefits to companies, helping them get more out of their current networks and servers and helps build a stronger IT strategy. It’s essential that your business hires the right external service to take care of this. At Layer3 Systems, we offer a free network audit as part of our consultancy; contact our team to book yours today.

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